Start your authentic CSR journey

We believe that businesses have enormous potential to positively impact the world around them and we work with companies to help them do so in measurable, exciting and meaningful ways

Free Instant CSR Snapshot

This instant web based tool will immediately show you some of the areas of your CSR offering that you might want to focus on and refine. 

A great place to start

If you are just beginning to think about developing a CSR programme within your business then this is the right tool for you to kick off your plan. 

Free of charge and no risk

This service is free of charge. You will receive an email report upon completing the snapshot. If needed we can then offer you services to advise and help you excute your plan to see the success that you and your employees hopeful. 

CSR Survey

This detailed questionnaire will consider all aspects of your business, looking at both your intentions and the outcomes you are currently achieving.

Personalised & Presentation

You will receive a personalised CSR report presented at a meeting at your business by a ValueMetrix consultant.

Pricing for the CSR Survey is only £300.00 no matter the size of your business.

CSR Sector Audit

To produce a sector audit you will receive an in depth site visit in which key people will meet our consultants and we will undertake a detailed review of a particular sector of CSR.

Five focused areas audit

We offer the Sector Audit for five different areas of your business:

  • People
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Customers
  • Supply chain.

Report and action plan

Within two weeks of the site visit you will receive a detailed report and presentation, including a draft action plan, which we will present to your board. 

Pricing for the CSR Sector Audit is only £600.00, no matter the size of your business.

Comprehensive CSR Review

The comprehensive review is the starting point for companies who are ready to take journey towards an authentic and integrated CSR programme.

Five sector audit and 3-5 year plan

We will conduct all five sector audits and create a single extensive report. The report will include an implementation plan that will guide you in your CSR policy and development for the next three to five years.

Custom Strategy

The price of the comprehensive review is based on the size of your organisation. Our consultants will work with you personally over a number of different strategy and review meetings.

Pricing for the Compressive CSR Review starts from only £2,500 and depends on your business size

Addtional services

We have a number of additional tools that are available outside of these services

Relational Health Audit

Developed over more than 15 years’ research and practice, the Relational Health Audit, is a one-of-its-kind psychometric scorecard that helps clients assess the quality and diagnose the state of relationships in the context of a group, an organisation, between organisations, or simply between individuals.

Philanthropy Effectiveness Review

In this review we will engage with the recipients of your philanthropic activities and report to you on the impact that your donations of time and money and how you can achieve a greater and deeper impact.

Reputation Report

In a reputation report we review your busines's reputation for ethical conduct. We review both your public profile and convene a confidential focus group of sector experts to give you a unique insight into the way your company's CSR efforts and profile is perceived.

CSR Project Review

If you have completed a CSR project or have one ongoing, we can analyse the effectiveness of your projects in terms of it’s intensions, execution and outcomes. We can offer advice on how to refine the programme for maximum impact as well as home to capture the outcomes and tell your story in your community.

Case Study Service

We understand that doing good is not the end of the matter – you will want to tell the world about the good you are doing. We can write a high quality case study based on your own CSR project that may be used for publication, award submission or other business purpose. We can also produce a high quality case study video to get your story out there in the most exciting and accessible format.
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