Doing Good Better.

ValueMetrix is a Jersey based CSR and corporate ethics consultancy working with leading local businesses to enhance the authenticity, impact and profile of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes. 
We believe that businesses in Jersey have the potential to set a world leading example in contributing to the flourishing of the whole community.  
We work with business to help them make a more lasting and substantial difference through measurable, exciting and meaningful CSR initiatives.  

Our Services

Most businesses recognise that some operational functions such as finance and pricing are highly measurable. They would regard marketing as partly measurable and HR as mostly immeasurable. In this view CSR is also seen as a mostly unmeasurable activity.

We see CSR as having financial, operational, marketing and HR aspects – all of which are measurable in different ways.

Free Instant CSR Snapshot

This instant web based tool will immediately show you some of the areas of your CSR offering that you might want to focus on and refine.

CSR Survey

This detailed questionnaire will consider all aspects of your business, looking at both your intentions and the outcomes you are currently achieving.

CSR Sector Audit

To produce a sector audit our consultants will visit your business and undertake a detailed review of the particular CSR sector. We will produce a full report including an suggested action plan.

Comprehensive CSR Review

The starting point for companies who are ready to take their CSR programme to the next level. We will work with you to design an impressive and unique offering.

Find our more about how ValueMetrix's services and tools that can help your business.

Authentic CSR programmes producing measurable outcomes

We offer advice and implementation through a number of different and interconnected areas:

  • We can facilitate a “CSR Audit” for your company
  • We have developed tools to help you create a personalised and unique CSR programme for your company
  • We curate a local support network for CSR personnel
  • We facilitate in-company CSR training and awareness sessions
  • We offer advice on social impact activity
  • We design and execute campaigns for firms wishing to publicise their CSR efforts and initiatives
  • We provide advice on appointing and managing a designated company CSR representative
  • We offer advice on impactful charitable giving
  • We offer CSR and giving benchmarking for cross sector comparisons
  • We host a Jersey CSR conference
  • We are the official administrator for The Jersey Good Business Charter

We can also work with you and your people to create a bespoke and unique CSR offering from scratch.

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