Doing Good Better.

ValueMetrix is a Jersey based sustainability and corporate ethics consultancy working with leading businesses to enhance the authenticity, impact, and profile of their sustainability programmes. 
We believe that businesses have the potential to set a world-leading example in contributing to the flourishing of the whole community.  
We work with businesses to help them make a more lasting and substantial difference through measurable, exciting, and meaningful sustainability initiatives.  

Our Services

ValueMetrix helps businesses become a force for good in the world through holistic consulting

Sustainability Advice

We’ve worked in businesses just like yours, so we understand your challenges. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of best practice and research around sustainability and business ethics. We can translate this knowledge to offer you authentic and practical advice on your strategy.

Sustainability Assessments

Good sustainability starts with understanding where you are. We can measure the sustainability of your business because we use world-class tools - we've even built some. There are many frameworks out there - we can help you save time by picking the right one.

Sustainability Projects

Turning your strategic intent to do good into meaningful and measurable projects is what we do best. Our team brings a high level of technical expertise and a driving desire to change the world. We apply this combination to help you make long lasting impact.

Organisational Culture Change

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast!" Your business already has a culture that shapes every facet of what you do - do you know what it is? ​ We will help you uncover your individual and collective purpose, helping you connect what you value to what your business does - reshaping the way it feels to work with and within your business.​

Find our more about how ValueMetrix's services and tools that can help your business.

Authentic sustainability programmes producing measurable outcomes

We offer advice and implementation through a number of different and interconnected areas:

  • We can facilitate a “Sustainability Audit” for your company
  • We have developed tools to help you create a personalised and unique sustainability programme for your company
  • We curate a local support network for sustainability personnel
  • We facilitate in-company sustainability training and awareness sessions
  • We offer advice on social impact activity
  • We design and execute campaigns for firms wishing to publicise their sustainability efforts and initiatives
  • We provide advice on appointing and managing a designated company sustainability representative
  • We offer advice on impactful charitable giving
  • We offer sustainability and giving benchmarking for cross sector comparisons
  • We host a Jersey sustainability conference
  • We are the official administrator for The Jersey Good Business Charter

We can also work with you and your people to create a bespoke and unique sustainability offering from scratch.